Blue Horse Design Note cards are handcrafted from original Blue Horse images. All images are unique and designed specifically for Blue Horse Design with my ultimate goal being to raise funds for horse rescue. These images are a variety of mixed media and adventurous endeavors - I can't claim to have found my artistic niche just yet, but the journey is proving to be a lot of fun! All note cards are available as individual cards and also as note sets - great as gifts for those of you with friends who love horses, or for just spoiling your own horse loving soul. A full sampling of our note cards is available in our Note Card Gallery.

Vintage photos - I just love them! Vintage family albums can keep me busy and content on a rainy afternoon, but when I come across vintage equine photos I am in heaven. Over the years my collection has grown, and I was very lucky to have been  entrusted with a very old family album from my husbands family. As I flipped through the pages I was thrilled to see that the family horse was pictured in pretty much all the pictures - sometimes front and center, sometimes in the background, but always there. I am happy to share these with you, so please take a peek - they're really special and tell the story of how horses have been apart of our lives for a very long time. Our selection of vintage note sets are available in our Vintage Note Card Gallery.

Soap making is one of my favorites. I love getting an idea and playing with the 'recipe' until it comes out the way I imagined in my mind. Plus, it's really relaxing and the whole house smells great when I'm finished. I make my soaps with high grade melt & pour products, organic materials, essential oils, and fragrance oils. If you would like something super pure, without color or fragrance, my goats milk soap will be the one. Our collection of handcrafted soaps is available in Soap Shop.

Whimsical Fiber Horses first started out in 2006. So far each one has represented a horse that has either been saved from slaughter, the premarin industry, over breeding, or on a happier note, the celebration of a horse you have and love, and would like to pay tribute to. Each horse is made from scratch. Hand cut, sewn and embellished with anything from dragon flies and hearts to vintage buttons, jewelry, ribbon, and on occasion, hair from manes and tails (from your own horse). All horses always come with a vintage key to symbolize the place they hold in our hearts. 

Each Whimsical Fiber Horse is numbered and one of a kind. No two are alike. They also come with a biography of the horse they symbolize and a pictures of the horse. At the moment I have #021 and #022 on the work table. Yet unnamed, but each name soon emerges as they begin to take on a personality.

Custom made horses are also available. I am also very honored to craft a horse for you in memory of one you have lost. Please contact me if you would like to have either a Whimsical Fiber Horse or a Memory Horse made in honor of a horse you love or would like to pay tribute.